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[Book] Thank You for Being Late An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations

International Edition | Paperback
Friedman, Thomas L. 지음 | Farrar Straus Giroux | 2016년 12월 06일
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ISBN 9780374900434(0374900434)
쪽수 486쪽
언어 English
크기 151(W) X 228(H) X 38(T) (mm)
제본형태 페이퍼백-Paperback


이 책이 속한 분야

A field guide to the twenty-first century, written by one of its most celebrated observers

2017 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year

We all sense it-something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your kids. You can’t miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are being transformed in so many realms all at once-and it is dizzying.
In Thank You for Being Late, a work unlike anything he has attempted before, Thomas L. Friedman exposes the tectonic movements that are reshaping the world today and explains how to get the most out of them and cushion their worst impacts. You will never look at the world the same way again after you read this book: how you understand the news, the work you do, the education your kids need, the investments your employer has to make, and the moral and geopolitical choices our country has to navigate will all be refashioned by Friedman’s original analysis.
Friedman begins by taking us into his own way of looking at the world-how he writes a column. After a quick tutorial, he proceeds to write what could only be called a giant column about the twenty-first century. His thesis: to understand the twenty-first century, you need to understand that the planet’s three largest forces-Moore’s law (technology), the Market (globalization), and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss)-are accelerating all at once. These accelerations are transforming five key realms: the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics, and community.
Why is this happening? As Friedman shows, the exponential increase in computing power defined by Moore’s law has a lot to do with it. The year 2007 was a major inflection point: the release of the iPhone, together with advances in silicon chips, software, storage, sensors, and networking, created a new technology platform. Friedman calls this platform “the supernova”-for it is an extraordinary release of energy that is reshaping everything from how we hail a taxi to the fate of nations to our most intimate relationships. It is creating vast new opportunities for individuals and small groups to save the world-or to destroy it.

Thank You for Being Late is a work of contemporary history that serves as a field manual for how to write and think about this era of accelerations. It’s also an argument for “being late”-for pausing to appreciate this amazing historical epoch we’re passing through and to reflect on its possibilities and dangers. To amplify this point, Friedman revisits his Minnesota hometown in his moving concluding chapters; there, he explores how communities can create a “topsoil of trust” to anchor their increasingly diverse and digital populations.
With his trademark vitality, wit, and optimism, Friedman shows that we can overcome the multiple stresses of an age of accelerations-if we slow down, if we dare to be late and use the time to reimagine work, politics, and community. Thank You for Being Late is Friedman’s most ambitious book-and an essential guide to the present and the future.
◆ Thomas Friedman: Thank You For Being Late | Chicago Humanities Festival

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퓰리처상을 3차례 수상한 국제 분야 칼럼니스트 토머스 프리드먼의 세계 대격변 보고서 『늦어서 고마워』. 컴퓨팅 기술, 세계화 그리고 대자연. 세계를 바꾸는 이 커다란 세 가지 힘이 서로에게 영향을 주면서 갈수록 더 많은 것을, 더 많은 곳에서, 더 오랫동안, 더 다양한 방식으로 바꿔놓으며 변화의 속도를 기하급수적으로 높이고 있다. 이처럼 급속도로 변화하는 세계에서 인간의 적응속도는 이를 따라잡지 못하고 있는데, 저자는 현기증 나는 가속의 시대에서 최악의 충격을 피하고 새롭게 생겨나는 기회를 잡기 위해 어떻게 해야 할지, 그 길을 안내한다.

폭발적인 속도로 변화를 거듭하고 있는 지금의 이 변화가 어떻게 시작됐는지 분석하고, 가속화가 우리의 일터, 정치, 지정학, 윤리, 공동체를 어떻게 바꾸고 있는지 보여준다. 그리고 기하급수적으로 급속한 변화가 당황하거나 절망감을 줄 수 있지만 겁먹거나 후퇴하지 말고 잠시 멈추고 지금 이 시대에 대해 잠시 생각할 시간을 가지라고 조언하면서 기술과 세계화, 환경 변화만큼 빠른 속도로 노를 젓는 것, 즉 ‘역동적 안정성’을 유지하라고 이야기한다. 그렇다면 정치사회적 차원에서 역동적 안정성을 유지한다는 건 무슨 뜻일까? 그것은 기술 외의 모든 일에서 혁신을 이루는 것이다.

저자는 혁신을 이루어야 할 대상은 개인뿐 아니라 정부와 기업, 한 사회를 이루는 공동체 전부라고 이야기하면서 우리가 가속의 시대에 걸맞은 일터와 정치, 지정학, 윤리, 공동체를 다시 상상하고 설계해야 한다고 말한다. 일터에서는 인간이 정확히 무엇을 기계보다 더 잘할 수 있고, 무엇을 기계와 ‘함께’ 잘할 수 있는지 확인하고 사람들이 그러한 역할을 할 수 있도록 훈련시켜야 하고, 다양한 인구 구성을 촉진하고 정착시키며 더 건강한 공동체를 건설하기 위해 새로운 사회계약을 맺고 평생학습 기회를 만드는 사회적 혁신 등이 필요하다고 이야기하며 새로운 세상을 상상하고 설계해나갈 것을 제안한다.

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저자 : Friedman, Thomas L.

Thomas L. Friedman is an internationally renowned author, reporter, and columnist-the recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes and the author of six bestselling books, among them From Beirut to Jerusalem and The World Is Flat.He was born in Minneapolis in 1953, and grew up in the middle-class Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. He graduated from Brandeis University in 1975 with a degree in Mediterranean studies, attended St. Antony's College, Oxford, on a Marshall Scholarship, and received an M.Phil. degree in modern Middle East studies from Oxford. After three years with United Press International, he joined The New York Times, where he has worked ever since as a reporter, correspondent, bureau chief, and columnist. At the Times, he has won three Pulitzer Prizes: in 1983 for international reporting (from Lebanon), in 1988 for international reporting (from Israel), and in 2002 for his columns after the September 11th attacks. Friedman's first book, From Beirut to Jerusalem, won the National Book Award in 1989. His second book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization (1999), won the Overseas Press Club Award for best book on foreign policy in 2000. In 2002 FSG published a collection of his Pulitzer Prize-winning columns, along with a diary he kept after 9/11, as Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World After September 11. His fourth book, The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century (2005) became a #1 New York Times bestseller and received the inaugural Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award in November 2005. A revised and expanded edition was published in hardcover in 2006 and in 2007. The World Is Flat has sold more than 4 million copies in thirty-seven languages. In 2008 he brought out Hot, Flat, and Crowded, which was published in a revised edition a year later. His sixth book, That Used to Be Us: How American Fell Behind in the World We Invented and How We Can Come Back, co-written with Michael Mandelbaum, was published in 2011.Thomas L. Friedman lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with his family.

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One of the Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016, Publishers Weekly

"The globe-trotting New York Times columnist’s most famous book was about the world being flat. This one is all about the world being fast . . . His main piece of advice for individuals, corporations, and countries is clear: Take a... 더보기

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