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해외주문 [Book] The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Anyone Can Do It--Not Everyone Will

Keller, Gary , Jenks, Dave , Papasan, Jay 지음 | McGraw-Hill Education | 2005년 04월 01일
  • 정가 : 36,030원
    판매가 : 28,460 [21%↓ 7,570원 할인]
  • 통합포인트 :
    [기본적립] 290원 적립 [1% 적립] 안내 [추가적립] 5만원 이상 구매 시 2천원 추가적립 [회원혜택] 우수회원 3만원 이상 구매 시 2~4% 추가적립
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  • 배송비 : 무료 배송비 안내
  • [배송일정] 근무일 기준 7일 이내 출고 예정 배송일정 안내
    해외주문도서는 해외 거래처 사정에 의해 품절/지연될수 있습니다.
    스페셜오더 도서나 일서해외주문도서와 함께 주문시 배송일이 이에 맞추어 지연되오니, 이점 유의해주시기 바랍니다.


  • 해외주문도서는 고객님의 요청에 의해 주문하는 '개인 오더' 상품이기 때문에, 단순한 고객변심/착오로 인한 취소,반품, 교환의 경우 '해외주문 반품/취소 수수료'를 부담하셔야 합니다. 이점 유의하여 주시기 바랍니다. 반품/취소 수수료 : (1)양서-판매정가의 12%, (2)일서-판매정가의 7% (반품/취소 수수료는, 수입제반비용(FedEx수송비용, 관세사비, 보세창고료, 내륙 운송비, 통관비 등)과 재고리스크(미판매 리스크, 환차손)에 따른 비용을 포함하며, 양서는 판매정가의 12%, 일서는 판매정가의 7%가 적용됩니다.)
  • 외국도서의 경우 해외제공정보로만 서비스되어 미표기된 정보가 있을 수 있습니다. 필요한 정보가 있을경우 1:1 문의게시판 을 이용하여 주십시오.
ISBN 9780071446372(0071446370)
쪽수 408쪽
언어 English
크기 178(W) X 231(H) X 20(T) (mm)
총권수 1권
시리즈명 Real Estate
리딩지수 Level General Adult


이 책이 속한 분야

Forget the old paradigm of financial success that a big house, a fancy car and a great job mean you?ve made it. True financial wealth has a different measure it?s about having the unearned income to finance your life mission without having to work. Gary Keller, best-selling author and self-made millionaire, teaches you what school never did how to leave the daily grind and acquire long-term financial freedom through investing real estate.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor offers straightforward strategies and wisdom gleaned from research and interviews with over 120 real life millionaire real estate investors. Ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary financial success. Like Wendy Patton who bought her first investment property when she was living in a hotel, made just $20,000 a year and owed as much in student loans Wendy has since sold over 600 homes. Like Carlos Herbon who immigrated to the US with only $120 in his pocket and who now owns over 250 rental units and his own property management company. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is the first investment book to take a serious look at how anyone can achieve financial freedom.

Learn how to:

Think Like a Million: Develop the mind-set and financial strategies of a millionaire investor

Buy a Million: Amass a portfolio with a market value of a million dollars

Own a Million: Turn investments into a business with ever-increasing net worth

Receive a Million: Build an investment empire that provides a million dollars a year in passive income

A blend of insights, instruction and inspiration, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a priceless tool for novice and veteran alike.

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이 책의 원서번역서


Champions Take the Luck out of the Game 15(2)
Big Models-Big Goals-Big Success 17(5)
The $100,000 That Got Away 22(2)
Mornings with Michael 24(3)
The Three Areas of Focus for the Millionaire Real Estate Investor 27(5)
Criteria: What You Buy 28(1)
Terms: How You Buy It 29(1)
Network: Who Helps You 30(2)
The Four Stages of Growth on the Path to a Million 32(2)
Moving Forward 34(3)
The Devil's Wedge 37(1)
Eight Myth Understandings between You and Financial Wealth 38(2)
The Big Three: MythUnderstandings about the Way You Look at Yourself As an Investor 40(20)
Personal Myth 1: I Don't Need to Be an Investor-My Job Will Take Care of My Financial Wealth 40(5)
Personal Myth 2: I Don't Need or Want to Be Financially Wealthy-I'm Happy with What I Have 45(6)
Personal Myth 3: It Doesn't Matter If I Want or Need It-I Just Can't Do It 51(9)
The Five MythUnderstandings about the Way You Look at Investing 60(8)
Investing Myth 1: Investing Is Complicated 61(1)
Investing Myth 2: The Best Investments Require Knowledge Most People Don't Have 62(1)
Investing Myth 3: Investing Is Risky-I'll Lose My Money 63(2)
Investing Myth 4: Successful Investors Are Able to Time the Market 65(2)
Investing Myth 5: All the Good Investments Are Taken 67(1)
The Law of Momentum: Compounding Your Success 68(3)
Points to Remember 71(4)
The Spiritual Journey of Wealth Building 75(2)
The Seven Ways Millionaire Real Estate Investors Think 77(42)
1. Think Powered by a Big Why 79(3)
2. Think Big Goals, Big Models, and Big Habits 82(5)
3. Think Money Matters 87(7)
The Money Matrix 88(6)
4. Think Net Worth 94(3)
5. Think Real Estate 97(13)
6. Think Value, Opportunity, and Deals 110(2)
7. Think Action 112(7)
Nina's Rule: Watch Your Posture 119(2)
Points to Remember 121(2)
BUY A MILLION 123(130)
America's First Millionaire 123(1)
The Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor 124(3)
The Net Worth Model 127(17)
Path Your Money 128(3)
Budget Your Expenses 131(10)
Track Your Worth 141(3)
The Financial Model 144(13)
Equity Buildup 145(3)
Cash Flow Growth 148(3)
Your Financial Journey 151(5)
Buy It Right-Pay It Down-Pay It Off 156(1)
The Network Model 157(14)
The Three Circles of Your Work Network 159(6)
Working Your Work Network 165(2)
Maintain Your Work Network 167(2)
Engage Your Work Network 169(2)
The Lead Generation Model 171(48)
The Four Key Areas of Your Lead Generation Model 172(40)
Question 1: What Am I Looking For? 172(19)
Question 2: Who Can Help Me Find It? 191(3)
Question 3: How Will I Find the Property or the People Connected to It? 194(17)
Question 4: Which Properties Are the Real Opportunities? 211(1)
Live the Five Laws of Lead Generation 212(6)
The Flow of Your Lead Generation Model 218(1)
The Acquisition Model 219(28)
Cash or Cash Flow and Equity 221(5)
Terms for Buy & Sell 226(15)
Acquisition Worksheets: Real-Life Examples 241(6)
Buy a Million: You Have the Power 247(3)
Points to Remember 250(3)
The Labyrinth at Chartres 253(3)
The Seventeen Issues of Own a Million 256(1)
Criteria: Always the Guiding Light 257(7)
Issue 1: Stick or Switch 258(1)
Issue 2: Become an Expert 259(3)
Issue 3: Think in Units 262(2)
Terms: Hold Them Dear 264(18)
Issue 4: Control the Property and Negotiate Everything 269(2)
Issue 5: Finance Creatively 271(4)
Issue 6: Maximize Your NOI 275(5)
Issue 7: Know Your Options for Property Disposition 280(2)
Network: Together Everyone Achieves More 282(9)
Issue 8: Make Associating with Talent Your Number One Priority 283(3)
Issue 9: Top-Grade for Ever-Increasing Leverage 286(2)
Issue 10: Always Work from Written Proposals and Contracts 288(1)
Issue 11: Protect Your Reputation and Operate with Confidence 289(2)
Money: Give It a Work Ethic 291(9)
Issue 12: Hold Your Money Accountable to Work for You 291(7)
Issue 13: Minimize Your Tax Exposure 298(2)
You: Your Primary Asset 300(6)
Issue 14: Protect Your Time 300(2)
Issue 15: Protect Your Assets 302(1)
Issue 16: Be Learning Based 303(2)
Issue 17: Be Accountable 305(1)
It All Comes Down to This 306(2)
Points to Remember 308(3)
Reaching for the Light 311(1)
The Challenge of Unearned Income 312(2)
Achieve $1 Million in Annual Cash Flow through Investing in Real Estate 314(8)
1. Acquire Today to Receive $1 Million in Annual Cash Flow Now? 315(1)
2. Acquire Today to Receive $1 Million in Annual Cash Flow in the Future 316(2)
3. Acquire over Time to Receive $1 Million in Annual Cash Flow in the Future 318(1)
4. Acquire over Time to Receive $1 Million in Annual Cash Flow and Equity Pullout in the Future 319(3)
$1 Million a Month: The Inspirational Story of Investor 34 322(2)
The 7 Level: The Path to People Leverage 324(8)
Moving from Managing Your Time to Managing Others 330(2)
'Tis Better to Give Than to Receive: Moving from Wealth Accumulation to Wealth Distribution 332(3)
Points to Remember 335(4)
Never Take Your Eye off the Ball 339(1)
Anyone Can Do It-Not Everyone Will 340(1)
A Financial Track to Run On 341(11)
Stage 1: Establish Your Base Camp 341(1)
Stage 2: Protect Your Future 342(2)
Stage 3: Fund Your Future 344(4)
Stage 4: Stay the Course 348(4)
Money Doesn't Care 352(1)
Time to Get Going 353(2)
APPENDIX A: Personal Budget Worksheet 398(4)
APPENDIX B: Personal Balance Sheet 402(1)
APPENDIX C: Criteria Worksheet 403(2)
APPENDIX D: Cost of Repair Worksheet 405(5)
About the Authors 410

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